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Summertime Safety Tips for Man’s Best Friend

Summer is here at last, which means all kinds of fun in the sun, from barbecues to beach excursions and more. What better way to while away the summer days than with man’s best friend by your side? Before you and your pooch head out into the great outdoors be sure to put some thought […]

Pet Spotlight: Meet Bella

Bella is a beautiful four-year-old Lab mix who was found as a stray in Kentucky. She clearly was someone’s pet–she was very well fed, and she’s also very, very housebroken. Our sweet ginger girl is a overweight. She’s on a very strict diet to help her get back in shape and stay healthy, and she’s […]

Happy Tails: Pumpkin

Pumpkin is doing wonderfully in his new home. This beautiful orange tabby cat made himself right at home with his new family. He is a huge attention seeker, looking for nothing but love all day long, and his family is happy to comply. He is also keen at finding the most comfy spots in which […]

Summer Pet Feeding Tips

You may not know this, but there are actually different ways and different food types to feed your pet during the summer. If you have an indoor pet in an environmentally controlled home, where the temperature and humidity stay relatively the same day after day, these tips probably don’t apply. But if your pet loves […]

Pet Spotlight: Big Boy

Big Boy is a sweet cat with a big heart. He was surrendered by his owner when it was discovered that he is FIV+. His owner was not prepared to provide for him in the way that he needs. We gladly took Big Boy in, knowing that cats with FIV can live long, healthy lives […]

A Note from Puppy Chase (aka Sidney)

My name used to be Sidney, but it’s now Chase. My new family changed it because I love to chase things around. Ants, my new blue puppy, and ducky. I get to chase balls too. Mom takes me for walks everyday in the woods. We walk and walk and then we get to a place called […]

Balancing Pets with Wildlife

You may not have given much thought to wildlife on your property in previous years, but if you’re considering adding a pet to your family then it’s something you’ll want to think about. Having a domestic pet in your home can change your relationship with the wildlife in your area. From squirrels and birds to more […]

Make a Love Match During Adopt-a-Cat Month

  Stop by DAWS and visit our purrfectly adorable, adoptable cats! Adoption is the most responsible and compassionate way to add a companion animal to your family. If you make a love match at our shelter, we are offering a reduced  adoption fee for the month of June. Thank you for your continued support!  

Your Support in Action: Meet Bristol

Bristol is a beautiful 6 year-old boy who was rescued after being abandoned by his family. He was a sweet affectionate boy when he arrived but transitioned into a grumpy cat due to the stress of the shelter environment. Stress also caused him to develop lesions on his face that had not responded to medications. […]

The Benefits of Having a Cat in Your Home

What are the benefits of having a cat in your home? Cats used to be considered the choice of pets for old ladies who live alone. These days, however, more people are discovering how sweet felines can be, and they are becoming a more popular choice for pets. Cats are lovable companions that bring happiness […]