Volunteer Spotlight: Pat Van Buren

This month’s Volunteer Spotlight is on Pat Van Buren! Pat is a long-time Dog Program Volunteer and a member of the Renovation Committee for DAWS. Her family, Kevin Hickey, Emily, Erin, Kathleen, and Pat herself, adore animals.

New Shelter Director: Katie Mothersele

Please join us in welcoming Katie Mothersele, the new Shelter Director for DAWS.

Volunteer Spotlight: The Muller Family

The Muller Family, consisting of Joey, Barb, and Joe, joined DAWS in February 2019

Volunteer Spotlight: Jennifer Zinzi

Jennifer Zinzi is a dedicated volunteer in her community and has been supporting the fundraising efforts at DAWS for almost two years.

Volunteer Spotlight: Carla Castro

Carla Castro currently volunteers with our TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) program, in addition to being a vital part of our foster team.

Volunteer Spotlight: John Madaus

John Madus first got involved with DAWS over a decade ago while he was managing Pet Supplies Plus in Danbury.

Paws to Learn – Episode 13 – August National Lazy Day

During the month of August, we celebrate National Pet Lazy Day!

Volunteer Spotlight: Sylvia Vo

Sylvia Vo got involved at DAWS after adopting her first cat, Tony, in 2017.

Volunteer Spotlight: Fran Hendrickson

Fran Hendrickson has been a volunteer at DAWS for over two decades! After having animals most of her life, she wanted to do something to help dogs in need