Meet the Team: Margot Foley

Margot Foley is a passionate veterinary technician who has dedicated her career to helping animals. She has worked in several veterinary clinics throughout her career, but her time with DAWS, which began over twenty years ago, holds a special place in her heart.

Margot started her career as a veterinary technician in the late 1990s at Bethel Veterinary Hospital. During this time, she worked on spay and neuter surgeries for DAWS as their own clinic at the shelter wasn’t operating yet. She also worked with renowned veterinarians Dr. Tom Nero and Dr. Larry Pazzullo.

Margot loves the opportunity she gets to work alongside Dr. Cary Brenner and the rest of the staff at DAWS. In addition, she takes great pleasure in seeing the variety of dogs and cats that come into the clinic and helping them have a healthy, happy life with their new family. She says, “Working at DAWS has made her life more meaningful; it gives me the satisfaction of knowing I have helped make a difference.”

She recalls one particular memory of a dog named Olive, who was rescued by DAWS while very pregnant! The puppies were bottle-fed by several people every few hours, and Margot and her husband adopted two puppies, Oliver and Olivia, who are now 12 years old and doing well.

“Margot’s passion and dedication to all the animals show great compassion.  Besides working in the DAWS clinic, she has fostered puppies and assisted at many events.  Her empathy for animals is evident in how she treats and cares for our patients.  We are so grateful to have Margot with us at DAWS,” explains Veronica Bickelhaupt, Clinic Manager.

Margot is excited about the renovated facility that DAWS will return to, as it will be better for staff, volunteers, and, most importantly, the rescue animals. She is proud to have been involved with DAWS on and off for many years, despite moving to England in 2006 and returning in 2009. She worked at Noah’s Ark Animal Hospital from 2016 to 2018, after which she returned to DAWS in 2019!

Margot Foley is a dedicated veterinary technician with a passion for animal rescue. Her time at DAWS has been both fulfilling and memorable, and she looks forward to continuing to make a difference in the lives of animals in need.