Your Dog’s Nose Knows

Your dog’s nose is more than just a cute little button at the end of his adorable little face. His nose is an amazing part of his anatomy that serves two functions—respiration and smell. While most people know that dogs have a superior sense of smell, not everyone knows just how those cute little buttons at […]

Happy Tails: Puppy Leo (Ranger)

How can you resist that cute little face? Puppy Leo, now named Ranger, is doing fabulously in his new home. His family is happy to report that they are head over heels in love with him, and that he brings them immeasurable amounts of happiness and joy. We are thrilled to have been able to […]

Pet Spotlight: Meet Abigail Adams and Bugs

Are you looking for a little bit of love, because these beauties are ready to deliver. Meet Abigail Adams and Bugs. This pair of senior sweeties are looking for a new home to call their own. Abigail is a petite little girl who is full of love, affection, and curiosity. Her sweet sis’, Bugs was […]

DAWS Honors Lynne Persan at the 2017 Fall for Animals Ball

Danbury Animal Welfare Society’s Board of Directors was thrilled to honor Lynne Persan as the 2017 Fall for Animals Ball Honoree. At the gala fundraising event held on September 30, Lynne was recognized for her vision and for her commitment to making a difference in the lives of animals. DAWS continues to save and rehome hundreds of […]

Happy Tails: Precious and Socks

We featured, you listened! We are very happy to report that last month’s featured felines, Precious and Socks, found their new forever home. This bonded pair had been together all of their lives and we needed to find them a family that was willing to take them home together. We knew it might take a […]

Bad Human! Behaviors You Should Not Encourage in Your Dog

Most dog parents want a well-behaved dog, but sometimes pet parents unknowingly encourage naughty behaviors that can make life at home and in the community less then ideal. These behaviors can develop slowly over time, after years of going uncorrected. Sometimes a single episode of bad behavior that goes uncorrected can tell your dog that […]

Mission Critical – Find Amos a Home

Amos is still on the lookout for a new family to call his own. While he waits, he is keeping up with his training and getting love and attention from his special team of people. Some of his people even donated two Silent Auction Baskets in his honor at the recent Fall for Animals Ball. […]

Pet Spotlight: Meet Julie

Julie is a one year-old Mountain Cur mix who is looking for a new home. She’s a happy and energetic dog who loves to run in the yard and play with the many toys that the volunteers bring outside for her. Her favorite toys are the squeaky kind, and she is always looking to find […]

Happy Tails: Bruce

Bruce is very happy in his new home with his new family. He has settled right in and is enjoying all of the toys that his family has given him to play with. He’s even got a brand new cat tree to climb, and he’s exploring every perch. This handsome boy looks so happy, and […]

Help Cure Fido’s Back-to-School Blues

The summer months often mean family members spend more time at home, and our pets get to enjoy more of the day socializing with the humans they love. Once the school year starts up again, calendars fill up with after school activities, PTA meetings, and the like, and the house that was once filled with […]