Your Support in Action: Meet Bristol

Bristol is a beautiful 6 year-old boy who was rescued after being abandoned by his family. He was a sweet affectionate boy when he arrived but transitioned into a grumpy cat due to the stress of the shelter environment. Stress also caused him to develop lesions on his face that had not responded to medications. […]

The Benefits of Having a Cat in Your Home

What are the benefits of having a cat in your home? Cats used to be considered the choice of pets for old ladies who live alone. These days, however, more people are discovering how sweet felines can be, and they are becoming a more popular choice for pets. Cats are lovable companions that bring happiness […]

Pet Spotlight: Meet Baby

No one puts Baby in a corner! And we’re hoping that Baby won’t need to be in her own little “corner” at DAWS for very long. Baby is an adorable 5 year-old girl who loves lots of pets and cuddles. She will lean into your hand and enjoy every rub you’re willing to offer. Unfortunately […]

Happy Tails: Waffle

Waffle’s early days as a kitten at DAWS were not necessarily full of comfort, playtime, and love. You see, Waffle came to us with a ringworm infection, which meant she had to undergo a lengthy, not so pleasant treatment of daily sulphur dips. During this time, she was unable to get the normal socialization that […]

‘Tis the Season for Ticks

Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases in Pets With the coming of spring and then summer, pet owners are bracing for “tick season.” This is the time of year when nasty little blood sucking ticks are out in force, and if you have ever walked your dog in the woodlands, or have an outside cat, chances are […]

Pet Spotlight: Meet Princess

Princess is DAWS royalty! This adorable, 2 year-old Calico is a big girl with a tiny little voice, but that doesn’t stop her from ruling her kingdom. Princess was surrendered with her sister, Minnie, because their owner had too many kitties. While Princess and Minnie wait for new families to call their own, they are […]

DAWS Cat Whisperer: Meet Adriane

Every day, the cats in the DAWS cattery spend time with a very special person—DAWS own “cat whisperer.” Adriane Lechner is the Cattery Supervisor, and she creates a special bond with the cats that temporarily call DAWS home. She connects with them in a way that many others can’t, bringing the most shy and temperamental […]

Pet Spotlight: Meet Daffodil

Daffodil is a shy gal who is learning that things at DAWS might just be alright. She was quite scared when she first arrived at the shelter, hunkering down in the corner of her kennel, curled up in a ball. She was not interested in engaging with any of the humans that came by her, […]

How to Tell if Your Cat Likes You

Everyone knows that cats are very independent and can be quite aloof; not everyone knows why though. Cats are solitary hunters as opposed to pack animals, so they aren’t forced to forge relationships for security. This self reliance allows them to be more particular about displaying affection. Cats can also be a little more subtle […]

Your Fundraising at Work: Meet Rowdy & Isabella

Rowdy and Isabella are a bonded brother and sister pair who love being together. These eight year-old Min-Pins had an owner, but one day that owner abandoned them in a hotel where they were staying. Without a family or home, the pair was brought to a high-kill shelter in Kentucky where their fate was uncertain. […]