Pet Spotlight: Meet Deuce

This adorable guy is Deuce, our Dog of the Month for April! If you adopt Deuce this month, his adoption fee will be 25 % reduced! Deuce is a soon to be 2-year-old beagle who comes from a harsh background. He needs a very special home with lots of love, patience and knowledge. Deuce bonds through play and patience, likes long hikes in the woods and is scared of cars on the street (it’s getting better though). He likes social gatherings and similar places to explore. He rides well in the car, is crate trained and has no resource guarding. Deuce loves to train and please his owner and is tremendously smart. He knows sit, down, stay and come. Deuce gets defensive when people are looking to correct him for “bad behaviors.” Even a stern no with a pointed finger will make him defensive. In this case, it most likely stems from abuse.
He will need someone who is willing to come to the shelter for multiple visits of bonding time and outings. He needs a house with a fenced-in yard, someone who enjoys hikes and understands dog body language and positive reinforcement. We will train you in Deuce. Deuce is loved by many and is a brave soul with an amazing work ethic.