Pet Spotlight: Meet Gideon

We have chosen Gideon as our Dog of the Month for May to help him find his forever home asap. If you adopt Gideon this month, the adoption fee is reduced by 25%. GIDEON IS STRESSED OUT! Everyone knows how bad it feels to be in a stressful living situation, but that is just how Gideon is feeling at our shelter. We give him as much time as we can out of his kennel and in our room with a couch to hang out on. He really needs to get into a home where he can relax and decompress. Gideon is an adorable 4-year-old terrier mix. He only weighs 30 lbs so a nice size for any home. Gideon has a happy, friendly, playful personality but we have seen some resource guarding behaviors. We are not sure if those will continue in a home setting so we recommend an adult-only home with dog owners experienced in managing resource guarding. If you would like to meet Gideon and see if he is the one for you, please use our online reservation system to schedule a Meet and Greet. Here is the link to the reservation system: If you need help finding a sooner appointment or have questions, email