Senior Paw Project

SPP_FINAL_webThe Senior Paw Project is a joint effort of the Danbury Animal Welfare Society and the Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation (CVHF). These two animal welfare organizations established an Adoption Ambassadors program in Fairfield County, Connecticut, in collaboration with the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®). The focus of the Senior Paw Project’s Adoption Ambassadors program is to find loving homes for senior animals.

The Senior Paw Project helps senior animals live comfortably in foster care rather than at the shelter. Once they complete program orientations, Senior Paw Ambassadors take home dogs or cats available for adoption and pledge to help those animals find safe and loving homes through word of mouth, social media posts and emails to friends and family, or by hitting the streets with their foster pets. Ambassadors can even process adoptions themselves, returning adoption application/surveys and any applicable fees to the shelter.

If interested in becoming a Senior Paw Ambassodor, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Sarah Deflumeri at