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    Meet Your Match cat survey

    I would consider my household to be like

    I am comfortable with a cat that likes to play “chase my ankles” and similar games

    I want my cat to interact with guests that come to my house

    How do you feel about a boisterous cat that gets into everything?

    My cat needs to be able to adjust to new situations quickly

    I want my cat to love being with children in my home

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    Meet Your Match dog survey

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    I want my dog to be the type that is very enthusiastic in the way she shows she loves people

    I want my dog to be playful

    I want my dog to be laid back

    I am comfortable doing some training with my dog to improve manners such as jumping, stealing food, and pulling on the leash

    I (or my children) want to participate in agility, flyball or obedience with our dog.

    I am interested in a dog with "special needs" (medical or behavioral)

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