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Meet the Team: Joanne Genadio

This month, meet Joanne G, who has been a part of the DAWS community for 16 years! She tells us about her experiences fostering kittens and cats and why she continues to help spread our mission! Take it away, Joanne!

I adopted two kittens from DAWS in 2007 and started fostering shortly after. I find joy in making a difference by teaching kittens how to play, interact with people, and, most importantly, how to love.

I have two cats, Sir Podrick and Domani, who roll their eyes whenever they see me coming into the house with a new pet carrier! Fortunately, they are both mellow. When the kittens are ready to explore the house, they run away from them for a week or two. After that, they join in the fun, and I have free entertainment every evening! My grandchildren often visit, and it’s an excellent way for the kittens to get used to young children. My cats and kids provide a well-rounded education for the kittens I foster.

When people ask me, “I don’t know how you can do it,” I respond with, “I don’t know how I couldn’t.” Though I get a tear or two on adoption day, it’s always rewarding when adopters contact me and send pictures of their happy and healthy pets. Each cat or kitten that passes through my home on its way to a great life holds a special place in my heart. Michelle Messemer, the DAWS Foster Manager, is an excellent asset to DAWS. She responds to my texts at any time of the day and is always there to answer my questions and concerns. Fostering with DAWS wouldn’t be the same without her.

Michelle M. also speaks highly of Joanne!  She says, “Joanne is an invaluable asset to the DAWS foster program! She jumps in to help without hesitation, often fostering multiple litters in a row. Joanne has transformed frightened kittens into loving, adoptable kittens ready for their forever homes. Whether it be kittens without a mom or nursing moms and kittens, Joanne is always willing to help. Our foster program wouldn’t be the same without her!”

When I’m not herding cats, I’m the Marketing Manager and Magazine Editor of the National Fire Sprinkler Association, a not-for-profit association that promotes the life-and property-saving benefits of fire sprinklers.

DAWS has transformed my life! My primary bathroom has now become the kitten room, and applying eyeliner with a kitten crawling up your leg requires a lot of skill. But on a more serious note, I’m proud to volunteer for DAWS, knowing that I’m helping many beautiful cats and kittens find their way to their forever homes.