Volunteer Spotlight: Chris LoGiudice

Chris LoGiudice joined the dog program at DAWS in the fall of 2014 after losing his beloved shepherd, Bucky. He wanted to honor his best friend by helping other pups in need. Chris currently volunteers as a dog walker and loves every minute of it. “DAWS has brought many wonderful pups into my life. I started with my first foster, Bugatti, in 2015 and he decided he liked it at my house so he stayed and I officially adopted him. Bugatti has been such an amazing dog and has welcomed many fosters into our home ever since. He is such a gift and I couldn’t imagine life without him,” Chris explains.

Chris is one of our special volunteers that work closely with our challenging dogs here at DAWS, such as Zorro and Sweet Pea. He enjoys giving them the opportunity to leave the shelter for long walks, hikes, and also spending some quality time with people – especially when they include cuddles on the couch. “When the dogs are happy, I’m happy. My favorite memories are the times spent with the pups and other volunteers…we enjoy playing in the yards with them, taking them on hikes to local parks, and just working with the dogs and seeing them grow and improve,” shares Chris.

We are very grateful to our incredible volunteers, like Chris. VeronicaBickelhaupt, DAWS’ Kennel Manager says, “Chris’ dedication and time has always gone above and beyond! Chris is a vital part of our dog program; he is always there for the pups when we need him.” He also helps to spread awareness by encouraging others to volunteer at their local shelters. While it can be difficult at times, it’s extremely rewarding. “No one will ever be happier to see you than a shelter pup and they will let you know with lots of wagging tails and kisses!”