Volunteer Spotlight: Karen Pasieka

Karen Pasieka is currently the Puppy Program Foster Coordinator and Intake/Transport Coordinator for DAWS, where she has been a volunteer for over 13 years. Her connection with DAWS started when a scared and abused beagle arrived at DAWS and was found to be pregnant, not pleasantly plump! Karen fostered that mama and her 7 babies and was a puppy/litter care foster for many years before taking on more volunteer roles. Her favorite part about volunteering for DAWS is that it intersects her love for animals with the change volunteering can make for each rescued animal’s second chance future.

When Karen and her family started to volunteer for DAWS, it was a family project. Now her 4 children have grown and Karen and her husband Michael have found serving DAWS as a way to enjoy transport road trips, post animals for adoption, and foster adorable puppies. Her favorite memory of volunteering was when she teamed up with Michelle Messemer and actively started to grow the Puppy Foster Program. She was happy to find both a visionary and friend in Michelle and develop a program together that continues to thrive. Karen has two dogs of her own, one adopted from DAWS and another from a group in Ohio. One of the puppies born in that first litter was named Scout and was a beloved part of Karen’s family until she passed away last summer. Karen has been a pediatrician at CareMount Medical in Mount Kisco, NY for 25 years. Much of her heart belongs to the welfare of children and animals. One thing that Karen has learned over the past 13 years is that rescue work and animal advocacy takes a team of passionate people. If someone loves animals and wants to effect positive change, there will be a role at a local shelter or rescue that will fit with that person’s talents and give them great joy, as it has for Karen. If you are interested in learning more about our puppy program or to become a foster, please contact Karen at daws@daws.org.