Volunteer Spotlight: Sally Rost

Sally Rost has been a dedicated volunteer at Danbury Animal Welfare Society for the past 10 years. Originally, she came into our shelter to adopt and while there, learned about our volunteer program. Since then, Sally has helped tremendously in many aspects of the organization.

Presently she is a vet tech assistant in our clinic where she monitors animals after surgery to ensure they recover properly. In addition, she helps to organize medical summaries, discharge records, file paperwork, and prepare adoption folders for all the dogs that come to DAWS from our southern partners. Our clinical manager, Veronica Bickelhaupt states, “Sally has been an integral part of the clinic for many years. She jumps in when needed, takes care of all the puppies and kittens, assists in exams, and keeps us in line! The DAWS clinic would be lost without her!

Sally comments, “I tell people what a rewarding experience it is to volunteer at DAWS. I love knowing I am helping homeless animals find loving homes. Being a part of this wonderful organization has educated me on how important rescue is, how awful puppy mills are, and the overwhelming demand to help pets in need.”

With a decade of volunteering under her belt, Sally has fostered an extremely timid dog named Shayla and became a foster fail to her senior pup, Reva. Dog Chair, Kate Fay says, “Sally’s many years of service to DAWS and her established friendships with other volunteers, make her one of the absolute best.” We thank Sally for her continuous commitment to our animals at DAWS and for being a true asset to our organization.