Volunteer Spotlight: Sylvia Vo

Sylvia Vo got involved at DAWS after adopting her first cat, Tony, in 2017. She would occasionally visit the shelter to spend time with the cats and then in 2018, she became an official volunteer. Currently Sylvia is a Cat Adoption Counselor and has fostered a few nursing moms and their litters over the past five years. Since the renovation started, she has opened her heart and home to fostering the adult cats that come through our shelter. Lead Adoption Counselor, Leslie Roe, exlaims, “Sylvia cannot possibly be more giving of her time, her home, and most importantly, her infinite patience. After adopting from DAWS she became a dedicated volunteer who has tirelessly covered scheduling gaps, has fostered multiple litters of kittens and has had a revolving door of foster cats with varying needs. Both she and her unendingly supportive husband are saints! She is an absolute pleasure to work with and it’s our good fortune she chose DAWS!”

“I love being a part of a community that cares so much about helping animals in need and being able to see the happy adopters once they officially get to bring home their new family member,” Sylvia shares. She has also fostered some kitties that needed some extra TLC and seeing them thrive while in her home has been very rewarding, especially when they get adopted. “Fostering truly helps the cat get acclimated to a home environment more easily and allows them to come out of their shell. Our own cats have really helped our foster felines get more comfortable and after a few days, they become friends. It’s really wonderful to see.”

Growing up, Sylvia wasn’t allowed to have pets but she knew that she wanted to help animals in some way and DAWS has been a way for her to do that. “I probably overcompensated in adulthood with how much I do, but it has been so gratifying, whether it’s fostering or helping an adopter meet their perfect cat. DAWS has changed my life with the people that I’ve been able to meet and all of the animals that I’ve been able to help over the years,” Sylvia says.

One of her favorite memories since being a volunteer was when Bailey and Cloud were adopted. Their adopters, Skip and Nancy, were initially interested in Cloud and adopted her. Once they heard that Bailey was her best friend and was one of our long-term residents at the shelter, they came back a week later to adopt her as well. Although both cats are still a little shy, they’re living in a wonderful home with each other. They sent over a video of Cloud seeing Bailey for the first time in their new home and they were so excited to be together once again. They were featured at our Making a Difference Gala last year because of just how special this adoption was.

Sylvia lives in Bethel with her husband and their five cats, four of whom have come from DAWS. In her spare time when she’s not wrangling cats, she enjoys reading, baking, and hiking in the various state/national parks.