Adopting Older Pets

old-dogs-coverMany older pets find themselves in the unfortunate situation of ending up in a shelter through no fault of their own. Sadly, these warm, loving animals are often the last to be adopted, spending more time than others waiting for a forever home. Older pets have a lot of love to share, and they also come with some benefits that prospective pet parents may not even realize! Below are just a few of the great attributes of older pets:

    • A calm, cool, and collected manner – older pets are generally calmer than kittens and puppies. They are often very happy with a more relaxed day-to-day routine.
    • Family-friendly – Often with more mellow natures, older pets make a perfect fit for families with children.
    • Old dog, new tricks – Senior dogs are often already trained and may have even perfected the basic commands expected from a well-mannered pooch.
    • Time and effort – Older pets often have a much more relaxed attitude that doesn’t require constant attention. While they still require a commitment to their care and well-being, they often don’t need as much focus and energy as younger animals.
    • Established personalities – Senior pets have fully developed personalities. That way, you know what you are getting when you meet them.
    • Unconditional love – Many stories of senior pet adoptions demonstrate that older pets are especially grateful for new homes. They seem to know they’ve been rescued and given a new chance.

Please check out our downloadable stories about the joy that older pets can bring into your home, which debunk some of the myths of these often overlooked animals.