Angel Pet Program

Vet holding pomeranian dogDAWS is proud to offer the Angel Pet program to help offset some costs of care for certain animals with special needs. The program is specific to dogs and cats that have specific chronic medical conditions.

Quality veterinary services are costly, and animals with medical issues are often overlooked by potential adopters due to concerns about high costs of care. DAWS offers the adopters of these animals discounted rates for medications or blood tests for the life of the animal through our Clinic.

Look for the Angel Pet logo on the descriptions of our animals, on an animal’s cage, or in our adoption books. When visiting during Open House hours, an Adoption Counselor can review information on the animal’s specific medical needs and what medications or ongoing veterinary services will be offered to the adopter at our low-cost Clinic rates.

This program does not cover the costs of routine medical care, including annual exams or vaccines.