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Volunteer Spotlight: John Madaus

John Madus first got involved with DAWS over a decade ago while he was managing Pet Supplies Plus in Danbury.

Volunteer Spotlight: Sylvia Vo

Sylvia Vo got involved at DAWS after adopting her first cat, Tony, in 2017.

Volunteer Spotlight: Fran Hendrickson

Fran Hendrickson has been a volunteer at DAWS for over two decades! After having animals most of her life, she wanted to do something to help dogs in need

Volunteer Spotlight: Gail Downing

Gail Downing is presently in her seventh year at DAWS and currently oversees the feline program as Cat Chairperson.

Volunteer Spotlight: Alex Kurkjy

Alex Kurkjy started his volunteer journey at DAWS in 2006 as a cat socializer.

Volunteer Spotlight: Jennifer Balbes

Jennifer Balbes joined the DAWS team in January 2018 as a dog walker and socializer, in addition to photographing and creating videos of our pups.

Volunteer Spotlight: Grace Clifford

When asked what she loves most about volunteering, Grace says, “I love getting to spend time with all of our adorable animals, and really contribute to their futures and know that I’m doing my part to help them.

Volunteer Spotlight: Leslie Roe

Leslie Roe has always been passionate about animals and joined the DAWS marketing team 14 years ago after asking how she could help without being at the shelter itself.

Volunteer Spotlight: Chris LoGiudice

Chris LoGiudice joined the dog program at DAWS in the fall of 2014 after losing his beloved shepherd, Bucky.