Pet Spotlight: Meet Ghost

Ghost is a handsome 3 year old grey tabby who has striking grey, white and almost silvery markings, offset by translucent green eyes. But there is nothing spooky about this kitty! He has tons of energy and loves to play. He enjoys pets and being picked up, and would love to chase a string toy in his new home! Come visit Ghost and see if he’s the one for you!

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Pet Spotlight: Meet Pumpkin

You’ll Fall for this Pumpkin well before Halloween! This 9 year old furry guy is gourd-geous! He wants pets so bad that he purrs, licks and little nibbles. What a love! Any doubts that you may have about his sweet personality not being a good fit for your family will be squash-ed after you meet him! No trick, he’s a treat!

Pet Spotlight: Meet Rachel

Who knew Rachel would end up with Chandler!! We thought she loved Ross…:-) Rachel is a big, loveable 7 year old female Tuxedo! She’s affectionate, loves to play and is very round! She came to us with her buddy, Chandler, who has already been adopted. But Rachel would prefer to be the only cat anyway so that she can get all of the attention from you once she gets to her forever home!

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Pet Spotlight: Meet JoeJoe

My name is Joe Joe and I am a one year old lab/hound mix. I’m a super sweet guy from Kentucky who finally made his way to DAWS! Two of my brothers came here a few months ago and were adopted and I’m so excited that it’s now my turn! I love other dogs so if my new family has a dog already it would be great to have a fur friend! I would do best in a home with teens and adults. Want to meet me and see if it’s a match?!

Adopt One of Our Sweet Seniors

Meet Chipa: She’s a Chipa off the old blocka! This sweet 8 year-old girl would like nothing more than to curl up on a warm lap. She loves to talk and is very affectionate. She would be a great addition to any family.

Meet Rachel: Rachel is a big, loveable 7 year old female Tuxedo! She’s affectionate, loves to play and is very round. She came to us with her buddy, Chandler, who has already been adopted. But Rachel would prefer to be the only cat anyway, so that she can get all of the attention from you once she gets to her forever home.

Meet Hank (& Frankie): Hank is a senior boy who is hanging out with his gal pal Frankie.  The two had a home in KY, but their owners were not the most conscientious. The duo wandered off multiple times and ended up at the shelter. Each time, their owners came back to rescue them, just in the knick of time. After their last adventure, the shelter thought it was best for them to find a new home with a family that would keep them safe. We’d like them to be adopted together, so we’re offering an “adopt two for the price of one” adoption special.

Pet Spotlight: Meet Cookie

Have you got a sweet tooth? We have the purrfect solution…Cookie! She is a gorgeous green-eyed Calico who is 7 years old. She was surrendered because her owner could no longer care for her. She loves napping on blankets, in baskets, and loves toy mice! She has recently become our “office cat” and greets everyone as they come in. Cookie would need to be the only pet in the house…she’s keen to give her new family her undivided attention and love!

The 5 Best Ways to Care for Your Senior Dog

How would you know if your dog has reached his seniors years? Needless to say, different species have different times of maturity but the common link between all the species is the fact that senior dogs need special care. There are a few factors that play a role in the pace at which your dog progresses towards maturity. These factors include nutrition, genetic makeup and the environment in which your dog is raised.

Why Do Senior Dogs Need Special Care?

There are a few health conditions that might crop up when your dog advances towards the older years. These can range from arthritis to dental diseases and could be quite painful to bear. There could be other issues like liver, heart and kidney problems that pose a risk to its life. This is why a senior dog needs more care and attention.

5 Essential Tips

What could you ideally do to help your senior dog? Listed below are 5 useful tips:

  1. Visits to the Vet

Getting your dog examined regularly can prevent complicated diseases from cropping up and also mitigate the risks of the ones that are hard to identify. It is always cheaper to prevent a disease than treating it.

  1. Evaluate Body Condition

Your senior dog should be regularly evaluated to find out whether it is underweight, overweight or at an ideal weight. A veterinarian is the best bet but he could teach you how to do it by yourself.

  1. High-Quality Diet

Senior dogs tend to become overweight if they are not fed the right kind of food. The trick is to meet all their nutritional needs while also keeping their weight balanced. Their diet should also be fortified with essential fatty acids like DHA and EPA so that health conditions like arthritis and joint problems can be prevented.

  1. Exercising Your Senior Dog

This could be a big challenge because the older your dog gets, the more difficult it becomes to walk it around. However, it is recommended that you start slow and increase the pace gradually. Be careful about hot and humid weather conditions that might do more harm than good.

  1. Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene forms the most important part of caring for a senior dog. As a pet parent, it is your responsibility to take effective care of your dog’s gums, teeth and mouth or else it could affect its liver, heart and kidneys. There are a few important steps that you must follow:

  • Brush Regularly

Needless to say, brushing your dog’s teeth regularly should also continue in the senior years. Either use long-handled brushes or finger brushes or always use toothpaste meant for canines.

  • Annual Cleanings

Annual cleanings of your dog’s teeth twice a year is a must in the senior years. Your vet will take a good luck at the gums and teeth to rule out any abnormalities.

  • Signs of Dental Disease

There are a few signs of dental diseases that you must keep a check on. Bad breath is the first sign that is quickly followed by disinclination towards hard food, red, swollen or bleeding gums and brown-tinted teeth.

Caring for your dog in its senior years will ensure that it has a peaceful, happy and healthy life after all the love and care it has bestowed upon you in all these years! What other reasons do you need?

Author Bio

This post was contributed by Pete Decker, the Lead Editor at The Goody Pet. Pete loves to share his passion for pets through snippets of interesting and helpful information. You can find more of Pete at his website, Twitter or Facebook.

Happy Tails: Abigail Adams and Bugs

What a Happy Tail! Last month we highlighted these two senior kitties who needed a family to open their home to both of them. These two 13 year-old girls found themselves at DAWS when their owner suddenly passed away. They had a lot going against them…their age and their need to be adopted together, but low and behold they found a new chance for love with a new family. A 93 year-old couple wanted to share their golden years with this sweet and loving pair. Abigail and Bugs are now living the good life with their new mom and dad, who dote on them daily. They will be well cared-for by their new parents, who have made arrangements for them to live out their entire lives in a loving home. We couldn’t be happier for these two sweet hearts.

Pet Spotlight: Meet Olive

Olive is a sweet 7 year-old Chihuahua mix. She’s a super-sweet senior from Kentucky whose family had to move and couldn’t take her along. She’s now at DAWS and ready for a new family to come and find her. Olive’s a mellow girl who would make an excellent snuggle buddy! She loves hanging on the couch and getting tons of belly rubs….and she’s got quite the belly to rub. She loves treats, and that means she has a few extra pounds on her, but you can help her get into her swinging senior shape. If you have room in your heart for Olive, stop by and visit her soon.

Who is Man’s Best Friend?

Man’s Best Friend – Dog Or Cat? – Can History Tell?

Usually the answer to this question is, it depends. There seem to be people who clearly define themselves as “cat” people and others who are self-proclaimed “dog” people. But the love of animals goes well beyond this particular two-way debate.

When it comes to dogs and cats, those siding with either of them come with distinctive opinions as to why their viewpoint is best. Personally, I am the proud pet parent of both a dog and a cat, so I can easily see each side of this well-discussed coin.

Cats can be aloof at times, but they still demand our immediate attention and are extremely affectionate, cute little critters. Felines have even been known to suffer from anxiety and unusual animal-related stress disorder when they are aware from their people. Dog lovers will argue their four-legged best friends are always overjoyed to see them regardless of the circumstance, citing instances of separation anxiety, when canines simply can’t be away from their owners for extended periods of time.

Both species of these cuddly critters capture our hearts with their undying love and affection. So let’s take a look at some examples of of love and devotion from cats and canines throughout the ages to see if we can determine who the winner might be in the “Man’s Best Friend” category:


Historically Speaking

Scientists report dogs as human companions dating back to the ages of cavemen, finding bones of them laying beside their masters and evidence of them being fed scraps. History also reveals that ancient egyptians worshipped and adored cats as gods. Although the timeline may be fuzzy on this concept, canines will win from a purely anthropological point of view as being the first domesticated.

But can the award of “Man’s Best Friend” be bestowed on one species purely from a time-based argument? Look at the differences between the two…canines were being thrown bones, while felines were exalted as divine gods and deities in the ancient Egyptian culture. The discussion continues and evolves throughout history.


The Lengths That They Will Go…

We’ve all heard stories about the distances some pets have travelled to be reunited with their beloved masters, but there are also some ancient tales where animals have done the extraordinary to stay with their owners, even beyond life itself.

There’s an ancient myth about a dog named Waghya, that couldn’t bear to watch his deceased master go up in flames during a traditional Indian burial ceremony. According to the legend, the dog leapt into the fires to be with his beloved companion. Less dramatic, but still endearing, if you were to research dogs laying on their master’s graves after their human’s departure, you’ll find volumes of these examples. On the other hand, Egyptian cats were mummified along with their owners to join them in the afterlife, according to ancient custom. Alternatively, if you do an online search for the most loyal cats after death, and you’ll likely only find breeds who stick by their master’s side during the life of their owner, and not after their demise.

Regardless of these myths and documented truths, our pets are our loyal companions. Whether a person has a cat or dog (or both), he has made an unbreakable bond with his loving pet, and there really is no room for debate. There’s a true connection we make with our four-legged friends whether they’re a fluffy feline or a doting dog, we can all safely agree that they’re all man – and woman’s – best friends for life

Written by Sloan McKinney