DAWS is excited to return to Puppy Bowl for the 6th year!

Exciting News: DAWS Celebrates 6th Year in the Puppy Bowl! on 96.5 TIC

Meet Lainie on NEWS 8 CT

Meet all the CT pup contenders!

We have Courage, Lainie, Apollo, and Hope competing this year.  Sponsorship opportunities are available to help support our puppy program and related expenses to compete in this annual tradition! Last year, almost 800 animals were saved and rehomed at DAWS. We are incredibly grateful for your continued support, especially as we celebrate 50 years of championing animal welfare at DAWS.

Watch #PuppyBowl on @AnimalPlanet Feb 11 at 2p ET

*For questions and media inquiries, please contact development@daws.org or Alice Meenan at 203 794.4223

Lainie, Team RUFF

Hope, Team FLUFF

Courage, Team FLUFF

Apollo, Team RUFF