Meet the Team: March 2024

Dr. Karen Pasieka

Meet Karen Pasieka, the heart and soul behind DAWS’s animals, as our Intake/Transport Manager. For over 16 years, she’s been weaving her passion into every furry tale that crosses her path.

It all started with a chubby beagle in need – not just pleasantly plump, but scared and abused. Karen took her in, fostering the mama and her seven adorable pups. From there, her journey with DAWS blossomed, evolving from puppy cuddles to pivotal roles in the organization.

For Karen, volunteering isn’t just about giving back; it’s about rewriting the future for every rescued furball. It’s a family affair, too, with her children growing alongside the cause. Now, Karen and her husband Michael embark on road trips, post animals for adoption, and delight in fostering bundles of puppy joy.

Her favorite memory? Teaming up with Michelle Messemer to revolutionize the Puppy Foster Program. Together, they’ve created something enduring, a beacon of hope for countless four-legged friends.

Beyond her DAWS family, Karen is a devoted pediatrician, and her heart is equally devoted to children and animals. Scout, one of the first litter’s pups, was more than just a pet – she was family. Though she’s since passed, her legacy lives on in the countless lives Karen touches every day.

Through it all, Karen has learned one thing: animal advocacy takes a village. For anyone looking to make a difference, there’s a place in the shelter or rescue group waiting to be filled. And for Karen, it’s brought immeasurable joy – a joy she hopes to share with anyone willing to lend a helping hand.