Pit Bull Myths & Stories

DAWS Volunteer Lori Romandi wrote this piece in order to dispel some of the myths that you might believe about the much loved pit bull and tell you some of the truths by owners of this wonderful breed of dog.

Read the intro, below, then download the full article.

Like any breed of dog, a healthy pit bull that is properly raised and socialized, will remain loving and friendly. Lately, all we seem to see are very sad situations of poor breeding and cruelly treated dogs that are the result of irresponsible, cruel and abusive owners. The improperly raised, unsocialized dogs can show temperaments so drastically different from the traditional authentic pit bull.

Don’t confuse those unfortunate creatures with the vast majority of well behaved, well loved “pitties” that remain true to their temperament, affectionate, trustworthy and friendly to their dying day.

— Lori Romandi