I wanted to share an update since we brought Kato home.  He definitely had  some anxiety after getting in the car (I cannot recall the name of the man who helped him in the car – but please pass along our many thanks for the help!)  After some time he settled down and cuddled with Jon on the way home. Lots of exploring took place when we arrived home.

As of today we have decided to rename him Bucky.  We like Kato, and thought it was fun after finding out he was a sidekick to the Green Hornet, however several people we talked to before deciding to switch thought of the OJ Simpson Trial instead.

He has slept through 2 nights in our room now, greeting us with kisses when our alarm goes off.  He is enjoying all of his toys (ball, kong, and a stuffed squeaky pizza slice) and plays with them all by himself but showed some signs of interest in a game of fetch this morning.  He also likes all clothing and shoes which we have previously worn, as well as going behind things like blinds, hanging bathrobes, etc.

We have a neighbor that has a golden retriever that he will get to meet a little while and hopefully some of the other dogs near by us too.  I know he was buddies with Sasha while at DAWS.  Was he good with the other dogs he was around as well?

We are learning so much about him and are so glad to have him as a part of our family.  I’m sure there will be lots more to come and we are looking forward to it all!