We decided to keep his name, but he’s gained various other nicknames like Silkworm, because he flattens out and gets extra long when he stretches and his coat is silky soft, Piggy, because he snorts, Rambo, because he’s rambunctious, and about a million other names.

We’re halfway through a training program, and it is going well. He goes for at least two walks a day, plus spends a fair amount of time every day getting absolutely filthy with his friends at the dog park. Today we took our first trip to Laundromutt, a local Bring Your Own Dog washing service where we can wash him ourselves or have someone else wash him for us. He decided he liked it after realizing he gets treats literally the entire time we’re there.

His temperament is mostly curious, he’s great at playing with other dogs, has a healthy appetite and sleeps through the night. He doesn’t bark much.

We’re doing great!