A Note from Puppy Chase (aka Sidney)

My name used to be Sidney, but it’s now Chase. My new family changed it because I love to chase things around. Ants, my new blue puppy, and ducky. I get to chase balls too. Mom takes me for walks everyday in the woods. We walk and walk and then we get to a place called the gorge and I get to play fetch the stick in the water. Mom got me a swimming pool but I don’t really swim yet. I’ve met a few friends. I’ve walked with Puck and Keiko. They’re older and bigger, but I like them. I also have a cousin Banzi. We run in the yard after the ball. He always gets to it first.

Today I went and saw my friend, Dr Shattuck. She’s pretty nice! She gives me treats and checks me out. There was a big tall man there today. He asked how I was doing, and they talked about me peeing on the floor once in awhile. I’m getting better at waiting to go outside. I just get so excited when I see my family. Mom and dad and Ross and Zander who live in the house with me, and Issy, Ike, and Roots. I’m trying to be friends with them but they hiss at me. We go to visit daddy’s mom and family every weekend. They all love me. I’m so lucky!