MEET THE TEAM: Embracing a Journey of Love and Care

When it comes to making a difference in the lives of our furry friends, few stories are as heartwarming and inspiring as Ana Catarina Pereira-Fieschi’s. Ana is an exceptional individual with an unwavering passion for animals. She has found her calling in fostering pregnant and new mommas with kittens. Her story is a testament to the strength of compassion and the impact one person can make on our rescue animals.

Ana’s journey into fostering began with the gentle nudge of a friend, Lauren Mucci, a remarkable volunteer dedicated to feral colonies and cats. The seed was planted, and Ana delved into the world of fostering, forever changing the lives of countless feline companions.

Ana couldn’t be more effusive when asked about her experience with DAWS and her fellow volunteers. “I love the help and support from the other volunteers and staff! They are accommodating!” These words reflect the camaraderie and shared passion that fuels our rescue community, creating a network of support that uplifts both animals and humans alike.

For Ana, volunteering at the Danbury Pound was always a heartfelt endeavor. Yet, she yearned to extend her reach to the feline side of rescue. While the Pound primarily focused on canine matters, Ana’s love for cats drew her to DAWS. “I really wanted to get involved with helping cats and kittens find amazing homes,” she explains. With DAWS historically aiding the Pound with cat-related issues, Ana found her gateway to creating a more profound impact.

Ana vividly recalls her first foster momma. A pregnant stray was found outside the Pound. Ana wasn’t sure what to expect. “I assumed she would be feral or hard to manage, but she was a love from the beginning!” Ana’s genuine enthusiasm resonates as she speaks of this heartwarming experience. Observing the entire journey, from pregnancy to nurturing new life, Ana marveled at the innate wisdom of mother cats. “Seeing mom’s natural instincts is so awesome! It helps you see the ‘circle of life’ and allowed me to see how remarkable cats are!”

The transformative process of nurturing young lives has become a source of boundless joy for Ana. She explains, “It doesn’t hurt that I get to see the beautiful babies grow up and learn things little by little. Seeing their personalities grow is another fantastic part of fostering!” Foster Manager Michelle Messemer adds, “Ana is an amazing foster. She is always open to helping socialize the shyer kittens we take in. She helps homeless animals learn to trust humans. She opens her home up to adopters to come and meet her fosters in a comfortable environment. For Ana, it is all about the animals and making their lives the best they can be”.

Ana highlights the true essence of fostering in her mission to inspire others. Addressing common misconceptions, she emphasizes, “I know many people think they cannot foster because they’ll keep the animals, but it quickly becomes apparent that we can’t keep all of them.” This insightful revelation touches on the emotional journey that fosters undertake. This journey ultimately leads to the realization that finding forever homes is the ultimate goal.

Ana’s experiences as a foster mom remind us of the power of compassion, the transformative impact of fostering, and the beauty of a community united by a shared love for animals.