Happy Tails: Banjo (Brody)

Banjo, now Brody, came to DAWS with his brother Hugo. He was a shy and timid dog who found some confidence playing with his doggie friends in the yard. His new family is totally in love with him, and he is settling in well at home. Here is an update on how Banjo is doing in his new home:

We changed Banjo’s name to Brody. He is doing great, and we absolutely love him! He is so smart and easy to train. He gets lots of exercise; including running or catching a ball in our yard or going for long walks.

We are still working on helping him with his timid nature and fear of certain noises. If we open a bag, he will flinch, but we are working through that. He is so sweet and full of love and has fit right into the family. He just loves our girls. We are so thankful to have him as part of our family.