Happy Tails: Waffle

Waffle’s early days as a kitten at DAWS were not necessarily full of comfort, playtime, and love. You see, Waffle came to us with a ringworm infection, which meant she had to undergo a lengthy, not so pleasant treatment of daily sulphur dips. During this time, she was unable to get the normal socialization that other cats in the cattery experience.
Kittens and cats that go through this treatment react one way or another—when it’s over, they are either thrilled and grateful for any attention that does not involve an unpleasant experience, or they regress and don’t want anyone near them, as they associate contact and attention with unpleasantness. Unfortunately, Waffle was none to happy with humans after her treatment.
With patience, love, and gentle reconditioning, Waffle finally came around and was lucky enough to find a loving family that would continue to help her come out of her shell and recognize that humans can be loving and kind. She is now making progress and is blossoming in her new home. We are very happy for Waffle!