MEET THE TEAM: Dilhan Dalo – Adoption Manager

Dilhan is a dedicated advocate for ethical animal welfare and the nurturing of companion animals. Hailing from a background steeped in the love for and understanding of animals, his journey into the realm of Animal Welfare and Animal Ethics has been driven by a profound appreciation for the human-animal bond.

Notably, Dilhan is a proud pet parent to an 80-pound canine companion named Cain. Cain, a lovable beagle/boxer mix, embodies the values Dilhan holds dear—compassion, care, and the importance of a harmonious relationship between humans and their animal companions. However, it was Cain’s older sister, Killian, who ignited Dilhan’s passion for this cause from a young age. Her influence inspired him to pursue a career in animal welfare, with the goal of creating a world where companion animals thrive in loving and nurturing environments.

During his freshman year of college, he had the exciting opportunity to travel across the states to learn more about social movements and how to implement effective change. During this experience, he discovered that his heart would not be content conducting research projects for a laboratory. He shifted his focus and took advantage of the unique opportunity to study under one of the country’s best and most well-known animal sociologists.

Dilhan’s commitment to animal welfare led him to a newly created position at DAWS, Adoption Manager, in February 2023, where he oversees the adoption program for both canines and felines, ensuring a smooth transition for our animals and their adopters. His unique skillset, coupled with his unwavering dedication and professionalism, bring a fresh perspective to DAWS’s noble mission.

He explains his adoration for his co-workers. “The staff are united under a common theme; to help these animals in need. I continue to meet such kind-hearted, passionate people who have created the building blocks for DAWS and our future successes.”

As part of his vision for the future of DAWS, Dilhan is excited to develop innovative programs that empower candidates to provide the utmost care and nurture for companion animals. He firmly believes that education and accessibility are the cornerstones of building an ethically thriving community.

Colleagues at DAWS recognize Dilhan’s exceptional qualities and the invaluable contributions he brings to the team. Shelter Director, Kathryn Mothersele says, “Dilhan brings a unique skillset to a newly created position.  His background and experience offers new insight into the DAWS mission, and his hard work, dedication, and professionalism are incredible qualities.  We are lucky to have him on the team.”

DAWS is fortunate to have Dihan on board, where his dedication and passion continue to drive DAWS towards achieving its mission.