Pet Spotlight – Meet Amos

Amos holds a special place in the hearts of many staff members and volunteers at DAWS. He is an incredibly smart dog who is eager to learn new things; he’s gotten the hang of urban mushing. With all those “smarts,” however, he sometimes gets in trouble. That’s why he has a dedicated team of handlers in place, working with him to help him learn to be the best dog he can be. The work has paid off, and Amos is learning to mind his manners. He’s consistently demonstrating just how good he can be with a little bit of love and some consistent training.

Amos is loving and sweet and is incredibly loyal to the people he trusts. He’s eager to please and sorry when he makes a mistake. Those who know him best understand his full potential and want nothing more than for him to find a loving family who will help him reach it. Could it be you?

If you’d like to meet Amos, please reach out to our Dog Program Chair directly.