PetValu Delivers for DAWS…Again!

PetValu of Danbury continues to support DAWS as we work to find loving homes for animals in need.  On August 12, PetValu Kitty Litter Loading v2PetValu made a third donation of kitty litter to support the care of the cats in our shelter.  They also presented DAWS with a check for money raised during their recent Pet Appreciation Month fundraiser.

PetValu Delivers for DAWS…again!

On Friday, August 12, PetValu in Danbury made its third of four annual contributions of kitty litter to DAWS.  Every three months, PetValu stores hold litter drives to benefit local shelters.  In 2016, PetValu has already donated 400 bags or 13,200 pounds of litter to DAWS!  Store Manager, John Madaus said, “We’re doing great, and we still have one more drive to go this Fall!”

DAWS Operations Director, Judy Slason said, “In-kind donations greatly reduce our overall operating budget and help us free up money to adopt more lovable animals.  We are so grateful for our partnership with PetValu.”

When Judy arrived at PetValu to pick up the kitty litter, she also learned that DAWS was receiving a check for $2,840.16 from both the Danbury and Ridegefield stores as well!

PetValu Check Photo v2John Madaus said, “The money was donated as part of a fundraising effort that PetValu does every April. It’s called Pet Appreciation Month. The company allows stores to partner with a local shelter or rescue group. During the month, we ask customers for donations, sell bandanas, and have a dog wash fundraising weekend. One hundred percent of the proceeds from Pet Appreciation Month goes to the local shelter chosen, which in our case was DAWS!”

“We knew DAWS would be the recipient of the annual Pet Appreciation Month donation from PetValu,” said Judy. “We were surprised and thrilled to learn that BOTH the Ridgefield and the Danbury stores combined their fundraising efforts to support DAWS.  We thank the stores, and their wonderful customers for helping to save so many animals through their kindness and generosity.”