Your Support in Action: Meet Bristol

Bristol is a beautiful 6 year-old boy who was rescued after being abandoned by his family. He was a sweet affectionate boy when he arrived but transitioned into a grumpy cat due to the stress of the shelter environment. Stress also caused him to develop lesions on his face that had not responded to medications. DAWS staff and volunteers worked with him to try to find positive interactions that would help him to feel better. The good news is, he had been getting a lot of free time in the “catio” during staff hours, and he appeared to be genuinely content in that environment. A volunteer stepped in and offered to take Bristol into foster and provide him a less stressful environment while he waits for a new forever family. In foster, Bristol has been improving daily, seeking out attention from his foster dad and getting comfortable in his new temporary home.

Animals like Bristol are often overlooked in a shelter environment. When stress causes them to disengage from potential adopters, their chances for a quick adoption decrease. Thanks to our donors and supporters, animals like Bristol will get the help they need and have the chance for a happy life in a loving home.

Join us on Sunday, June 11 at the Annual Walk for Animals and show your support of animals like Bristol. You can help make a difference in the lives of animals. YOU can help save lives!

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