A Heartfelt Farewell to a Friend

In April of 2015, Angel floated into our hearts. She warmed us with her smile and taught us the meaning of hope. On Angel V DaySeptember 27, more than a year after arriving at DAWS, Angel spread her wings and flew away to her forever home. She left with a smile, giving us confidence that we will give hope to many more animals in need. Read a touching letter to Angel as she starts her new life in her new home.

 After more than a year in our care, Angel finally went to her forever home. While she was with us, she touched many hearts, making it both a happy and sad day when she left for her forever home. Kristen’s letter to Angel sums it up for all of us.

Dear Angel,

About a year and a half ago, you and your pal Steve, the wonderful Bethel Animal Control Officer, walked into the shelter. You had been “living” with him for a while, and you adored him. I fell instantly in love with you and the happy snorts you made at him. When Steve left, you looked out the window at him and cried and cried. I reassured you that I’d do the best I could to take care of you, and soon you’d have a home of your own. I know it took a while, but you were so patient, as you always are. Today, I finally got to watch you from that very window walk to the car with your new dad, Bob. My heart is bursting with joy for you, sweet girl.

This day is a long time coming. You deserve every single happy snort and butt wiggle you’ll be sharing with Bob from now on. I know you’ll take such good care of him, and you’ll probably make his heart a bit bigger.

You left your mark in the hearts of so many people. The staff and volunteers adore you. The people you met in the community always ask about you. I think it has to do with your doggie optimism. You definitely had a rough go of it before making your way to Steve, but you’ve never held a grudge. Once you got used to the shelter, your butt never stopped wiggling, and you treated everyone as your best friend. You are inherently good.

It has been an honor to bring you into the community and watch you work your magic on the people you meet. I couldn’t imagine learning how to do this Community Outreach thing without you. You taught a little girl how not to be afraid of dogs. You kept strangers company for however long they needed.  When they wanted to sit with you, you were perfectly happy as you leaned in to each other. You made countless others laugh and smile. You changed the perceptions of those who thought Pit Bulls are scary. You have been the perfect sidekick, and I’ll treasure all our adventures.

Let’s take a minute together to thank all the wonderful friends who helped you reach this happy day. Thank you to Steve for helping during those dark days. Thank you to everyone at DAWS who showered you with love every single day. Thank you Sophie Gamand, BarkBox, Danbury Titans, Color On Wheels, The Exceptional Pet LLC., Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary, Shelter Pet Project, Pittie2020, Rebecca Corry, Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Sarah Matula Photography, Christie Keith, and BarkPost Jonathanfor helping you on her journey and seeing her beauty.

Enjoy every minute of having your very own dad. Rest your head on his knee and sigh with contentment every night when you both sit on “your” love seat, as he calls it. Hop in his car with enthusiasm, and know the ride you take is never one that’s taking you back to the shelter at the end of the day.

You’re home, Angel, where you should be.

Love always,