Canine Company Continues Their Commitment to DAWS

We are thrilled that Canine Company has renewed their partnership with DAWS as our 2017 Gold Annual Sponsor. Canine Company has been a generous partner to DAWS for many years, and we’re thrilled to have them as a sponsor in 2017!

Canine Company was founded by an entrepreneurial family with a love for animals. In 1981, while living in Swarthmore, PA, Henry and Carol Hill noticed a few neighbors’ pets staying happily and safely in their yards – a constant struggle for their dogs. They discovered that their neighbors were using an Invisible Fence® Brand system which was in a beta testing phase for a new concept of electronic pet containment. When they moved to Weston, CT in 1983, the Hill Family tried to buy an Invisible Fence® system only to discover that there was no reliable source. After finally finding an avenue to purchase the electronic pet containment system, they installed one in their yard for their beloved Bassett Hound and Lab.

Pleased with the results, the Hills contacted Invisible Fence® Inc. to inquire about becoming a distributor of the product. The Hills signed a Dealership Agreement, allowing them to sell the product within the NY Metropolitan area.

With a slow start, the Hill family evolved from a dealer to a distributor with exclusive distribution rights to RI, CT, Southeastern NY, and Northern NJ. In 1986, after signing this agreement, the Canine Fence Company (known today as Canine Company) was born. With this new model, Canine Fence operated as a retailer and wholesaler.

In 1990, Henry and Carol’s daughter Jennifer decided to join the business full-time after college. What was originally planned as an opportunity to gain experience would eventually become Jennifer’s long and successful career. In 1992, Invisible Fence® Inc. signed over exclusive distribution rights to the remainder of NJ, MA, NH, VT and ME. Jennifer then moved to Boston to take on the challenge of developing the newly acquired Boston market. After leading the new market to a successful start and obtaining her MBA, Jennifer moved back to CT to manage the company’s marketing efforts while strengthening the infrastructure of the company to create a platform for growth. Today, dealing directly to consumers as the largest Invisible Fence® Brand retailer in the entire northeast, the company also supplies more than 16 Independent Dealers throughout the region.

Over the years the company perfected the art of reliable electronic pet containment installation and training protocols. With repeated requests from pleased clients who wanted to utilize more of the company’s training expertise, the Manners in-home obedience training program was born in 2010. In 2012, with an online retail store and the new obedience training program, the company had expanded beyond pet containment. The owners realized that the name “Canine Fence” was no longer fitting for the myriad of products and services offer. The company expanded beyond the fence and became Canine Company.

Animal lovers and entrepreneurs, Henry, Carol, and Jennifer  have grown a family owned start-up from modest origins into a multi-million-dollar pet services business. Perhaps more important to them as animal lovers, they have created an innovative, affordable way for dog and cat owners in the northeast to keep their beloved four-legged family members safe and alive, both indoors and out. Moreover, with the addition of new products and services they are dedicated to nourishing the unique bond between pet and owner by simplifying life for the pet owner, while ensuring that pets remain safe, happy, and healthy.