DAWS Cat Whisperer: Meet Adriane

Every day, the cats in the DAWS cattery spend time with a very special person—DAWS own “cat whisperer.” Adriane Lechner is the Cattery Supervisor, and she creates a special bond with the cats that temporarily call DAWS home. She connects with them in a way that many others can’t, bringing the most shy and temperamental cats out of their shells so that one day they can find their forever homes. In honor of Adopt-a-Cat month, we wanted to honor the woman who truly makes a difference in the lives of the cats at DAWS.

DAWS: How long have you been working at DAWS?

Adriane: 10 ½ years

DAWS: What brought you to DAWS?

Adriane: I hated my prior job. I worked in retail, and learned pretty quickly that was NOT where I wanted to be.

DAWS: What are your primary responsibilities at DAWS?

Adriane: Managing the cattery. That would include day-to-day tasks such as feeding, cleaning, medicating, socializing, evaluating, and monitoring daily health of the cats as well as overarching duties such as intakes, inventories, donations, emails. I have my hands into everything!

DAWS: What do you find most rewarding about your job?

Adriane: My strongest talent is reading into cat behaviors and being able to adjust to their needs as best as I can. Sometimes, I can get really detailed with this, from understanding the bed a cat prefers to their placement within the room.

DAWS: Anyone who knows you says you are a cat whisperer. What are some of the ways that you connect with the cats in the cattery?

Adriane: As an introvert, I tend to avoid human contact as much as possible. This has lead me to develop a greater connection with animals, and cats specifically are what I’ve had most of my life. I’m with them 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and in that time they tell me quite a lot through observation alone. I make it my priority to make their stay at DAWS as stress free as possible and therefore becoming more adoptable.

DAWS: Do you have a special story about a cat that has been in our shelter that really touched your heart?

Adriane: I have too many of these! From Suzie to Buttercup to Reed, Mama Mustache (Loretta Lynn), Gem to Taco (Carissa) to Waffles and many, many more.

DAWS: Do you have a favorite cat in the cattery now? What is so special about that cat?

Adriane: A majority of my favorite cats have been donned the nickname “Monkey”. It’s usually reserved for younger, bratty tuxedo females. Waffles was my last monkey, but I await my next one!

DAWS: What would you like everyone to know about shelter cats/about adopting cats?

Adriane: The most difficult cats are the most rewarding. I have nothing but high praise for those who see through their tough exteriors and socialize and adopt some of our harder cases.

DAWS: What inspires you about working for DAWS?

Adriane: I always look forward to what kinds of personalities we may find from the animals we can help next. I’m here for all of them! ♥