Pet Spotlight: Meet Daffodil

Daffodil is a shy gal who is learning that things at DAWS might just be alright. She was quite scared when she first arrived at the shelter, hunkering down in the corner of her kennel, curled up in a ball. She was not interested in engaging with any of the humans that came by her, but she was interested in the dogs that they often had at their sides. After having had some time to settle in a bit, our Dog Program Chair and Dog Trainer got the chance to evaluate her. She’s a sweet girl, who is just finding it a bit difficult to adjust to her new surroundings. None the less, she loves to play with her canine companions. She has a list of friends with whom she loves to romp in the yard. With their help, she is coming out of her shell and is even getting pets and love from the humans who arrange her play dates. She runs and chases her pals, plays with toys, and stops for a quick treat and a pet from the volunteers. Daffodil even flirts with her new “boyfriend,” Amos, who she is hoping to get to play with one day. Her sweet demeanor is shining through, and we know that one day a patient family (hopefully with a doggie pal already at home) will come along and give her a chance for a forever home.