DAWS Honors Lynne Persan at the 2017 Fall for Animals Ball

Danbury Animal Welfare Society’s Board of Directors was thrilled to honor Lynne Persan as the 2017 Fall for Animals Ball Honoree. At the gala fundraising event held on September 30, Lynne was recognized for her vision and for her commitment to making a difference in the lives of animals.

DAWS continues to save and rehome hundreds of adorable, adoptable dogs and cats each year. We help control animal over-population by spaying and neutering hundreds of animals. We provide outstanding medical care to animals in our Clinic. We do all of this in a building that is nearly 50 years old and in need of significant repair.

We also like to dream big. We dream, about dog kennels that we don’t have to keep from freezing in the winter and sweltering in the summer; about drainage that goes down, instead of up; about cat cages that allow visitors to interact with their next furry family member, and about a facility that allows visitors to learn about our animals and our mission.

Every dream needs a vision, and every vision needs a visionary. Lynne Persan from Building Designs, LLC, is our visionary. Lynne has been providing comprehensive architectural services from concept to completion for about 18 years in the Fairfield and Westchester County areas. Her services entail everything from designing completely new residential or commercial projects of any size to remodeling a kitchen or bathroom or even simply decorating an existing space. Lynne was a dog-program volunteer over ten years ago. At that time, she could see that our space was not ideally suited to our needs; so, she created a vision for our future. She envisioned a bright, airy building with ample room to house dogs in their own runs. She envisioned cats interacting with would-be family members in cozy spaces created just for them. She envisioned a floor plan that would allow easy flow from one area of the building to another, giving us needed storage, and a Clinic that is street-accessible to our clients. She kept her vision alive, and in 2018 we will be working toward making her vision a reality.

In addition to her work in design, Lynne operates her own animal rescue organization called Road Dawgs. Using a converted 16-foot trailer that can accommodate 40 dogs comfortably, Road Dawgs drives to Corpus Christi, TX to save dogs from shelters in the area. Over the last ten years, Road Dawgs has transported over 1000 dogs to shelters in our area, giving them a chance for a new life.

We are proud to have honored Lynne for her work in animal welfare at this year’s Ball, and we look forward to seeing her vision for a newly remodeled shelter come to life in the very near future.