Mission Critical – Find Amos a Home

Amos is still on the lookout for a new family to call his own. While he waits, he is keeping up with his training and getting love and attention from his special team of people. Some of his people even donated two Silent Auction Baskets in his honor at the recent Fall for Animals Ball. The baskets offered versions Amos’ Favorite Things, a theme the team chose because they wanted to show their commitment keeping him comfortable and happy while he waits for a forever home. What are some of Amos’ favorite things, you ask? Let us tell you…

Amos loves to get training from his special team of people, especially from DAWS Head Dog Trainer, Julia Klaucke. His favorite training treats are hot dogs, which—after sitting nicely for them—he gobbles up readily. While he loves his training with Julia, he is also keen to go on hikes through the park with his people and doggie friends. When he’s not hiking, Amos also loves to go for rides in the car with his special pal, Gina. Her car is always sparkly and clean, and Amos makes it even more beautiful by adding a bit of fur to the seats and a few nose prints on the windows. His favorite destination is Burger King, where Gina treats him to a cheeseburger. He’s not allowed to eat in the car however. He has to wait until he gets back to the shelter, sit nicely, and even work on staying focused on Gina while she holds a bite of cheeseburger right next to him before he gets to eat it. It’s tough for a dog like Amos to endure such “torture,” but with his special training, he is learning how to be patient. The thing that Amos likes most, however, is getting love and pampering from his people.

Did the baskets at the Fall for Animals Ball include Burger King cheeseburgers, you ask? No. But the top bidders for the two baskets did get gift certificates to Bare Burger, Hand and Stone Spa, and Stew Leonards, among other fabulous versions of Amos’ Favorite Things.

If you’d like to be the one to shower Amos with his favorite things, he’d love to meet you. Schedule an appointment with his team, and they’ll gladly get you and Amos connected!