Mission Critical – Find Amos a Home!

Amos is in desperate need of a home. This amazing dog has been in a shelter most of his life, and it’s time to find him a loving family all of his own.

Amos arrived at DAWS in July, 2015. He was adopted on two separate occasions but returned because he had a tendency to act out. He was evaluated by a dog behaviorist, who knew immediately what was driving Amos’ behavior. He is a wickedly smart but insecure dog who can get a bit too rambunctious when he is unsure about his situation or surroundings. He needs to build his confidence to help him become the best dog he can be.

When Amos is around the people he trusts, those who show him that they are in charge and that everything is ok, he is the most loving, sweet, and loyal dog you could ever meet. He is willing to do anything for his people and will be an amazing companion and working dog for the right family.

To help build his confidence, Amos will need:

  • a family with a lot of dog experience and no kids
  • consistent training with structure, rules, and boundaries
  • a job—he loves to be worked (mushing, tracking, agility, fly ball, obedience, sniff work, etc.)
  • a lot of exercise, like hiking and jogging
  • a yard to play in (preferably, but not mandatory)

If you or someone you know are interested in helping Amos be the best dog he can be, please reach out to Amos’ people at dogs@daws.org. Our dog trainer will work with interested adopters to help them help Amos finally find a home.