Your Fundraising Efforts at Work: Meet Tessa

The 28th Annual Walk for Animals is coming on June 11, 2017. The Walk has always been a fun-filled day for families to come together and celebrate their love for animals. The event is also an opportunity for everyone to demonstrate their commitment to animal welfare by fundraising to support DAWS. We hope that everyone will join in the fundraising, because every dollar raised makes a difference in the lives of animals—animals like Tessa.

Tessa has already been through a lot in her short life. She’s had puppies, become homeless, and made a long journey to a new state in hopes of finding happiness with a loving family. When Tessa arrived at DAWS, it was clear that she would make a family very happy one day. Her sweet demeanor, happy-go-lucky attitude, endless spunk, and absolutely adorable little face make her irresistible. But finding a home for Tessa was put on hold when her heartworm test came back positive. Tessa was facing another challenge that was standing in the way of a happy “forever” with a family of her own.

Our dedicated clinic staff assessed Tessa’s condition, ensured she was stable, and then initiated treatment. During heartworm treatments, dogs need to be restricted from exercise because physical exertion increases the rate at which heartworms cause damage in the heart and lungs. This was difficult for Tessa, who loves to romp and play. After one of her short walks outside to “do her business,” Tessa became ill. Concerned volunteers knew the possible side-effects of heartworm treatments and took her to Newtown Veterinary Specialists for emergency care. She recovered but spent the rest of her time being treated for heartworms in our own clinic to ensure she would have the best chance for recovery without complications.

Through it all, Tessa remained a sweet and happy-go-lucky girl. Now that her treatment is completed, she is finally ready for the next chapter in her life—going home with a loving family.

DAWS would not be able to care for animals like Tessa without the support of our generous donors and fundraisers. When you commit to fundraising for DAWS as part of our Walk for Animals, you can give animals like Tessa, the chance for the happiness they deserve.

We are certain that Tessa’s story will have a happy ending. YOU can play a role in creating happy endings for more animals in need. Together with YOU, we can make a difference in the lives of animals!

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