Your Voice Can Make a Difference!

The voices of animal lovers throughout Connecticut wer heard! Desmond’s Law passed the House and Senate and is making its way to the Governor’s office for signing.  Three additional pro-animal bills need your support.  Learn how you can help.

Raise Your Voice for Animals

Thanks to animal lovers like you, Desmond’s Law (HB 5344) is on its way to be signed into law by the Governor.  There are three additional animal-related bills that are awaiting a vote in the House that need your support:

SB 227:  Cecil’s Law – would prohibit the importation of hunting “trophies”

HB 5578: would prohibit the cruel trade of elephant ivory and rhino horn

HB 5147: would increase the maximum penalty for malicious animal cruelty crimes

These three bills are awaiting action in the House of Representatives.  You can contact your State Representative and ask him/her to support these bills.  Look up their contact information and reach out to them.  Let your voice be heard in support of animals.