How to Tell if Your Cat Likes You

Everyone knows that cats are very independent and can be quite aloof; not everyone knows why though. Cats are solitary hunters as opposed to pack animals, so they aren’t forced to forge relationships for security. This self reliance allows them to be more particular about displaying affection. Cats can also be a little more subtle in the ways they show affection than other pets, so it can be easy to miss.

Cats show affection in a few different ways. If she rubs her cheeks against you she is claiming you, but if she head butts you it is purely out of affection. Kneading and purring is a good indicator that she really cares about you. Love bites are another sign that your cat digs you, as long as they are gentle and not legitimate bites, that is. Your cat might also show that she adores you by bringing you gifts in the form of small rodents or birds that she catches.

Earning the trust of your cat may take a long time but is well worth the wait. Some behaviors that demonstrate this trust include snoozing in your lap, exposing her belly to you, or engaging in play. Another indicator of trust is sustained eye contact coupled with slow blinks. This shows that she trusts you will not attack while her eyes are closed. If you slow blink back at her it will show you trust her too.

If you want your cat to become more affectionate towards you there are ways to strengthen your bond. When you are petting your cat talk in a gentle voice, make slow movements and know when to stop. If her fur starts twitching, her eyes dilate and her tail starts swishing she is overstimulated which quickly leads to annoyance. Make sure to give your cat the space that she craves; let her have a safe zone where she can retreat. Invite your cat to sleep on your bed for some late night cuddles, and it will accelerate the bonding process. People say that the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach but that is also true of cats. Reinforce your bond with her by being the hand that feeds her, eventually she’ll start nuzzling and cuddling.

Written by Elizabeth Boluch