Your Fundraising at Work: Meet Rowdy & Isabella

Rowdy and Isabella are a bonded brother and sister pair who love being together. These eight year-old Min-Pins had an owner, but one day that owner abandoned them in a hotel where they were staying. Without a family or home, the pair was brought to a high-kill shelter in Kentucky where their fate was uncertain. Seeing how friendly they were, the shelter worked with DAWS to give them a chance at a new, happier forever. 

Because they are a bonded pair, DAWS is looking to ensure that Rowdy and Isabella are not separated. That means a special family has to come along that is willing to take two dogs instead of one. We know it will happen, but it will take a little bit longer than usual. Until then, DAWS will provide the care and love that Rowdy and Isabella need, while ensuring that they know they will never be abandoned again.

When you fundraise for DAWS in support of our 28th Annual Walk for Animals, you help make a happier forever a possibility for hundreds of cats and dogs in need. Just $100 raised makes a world of difference to animals like Rowdy and Isabella.

You can help us make a difference in the lives of animals. Join us at the 28th Annual Walk for Animals. Together, we can save lives!

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